journals should be standard ic with a backdated ic and ooc post (you can friends-lock these if you want but if you do make sure you have renowned added). once you've been added, don't cross the ic/ooc line, don't plagiarize, be sensitive in your handling of intense subject matters, and be respectful of other writers. if you act like an asshole ooc we won't hesitate to remove you immediately because no one has time for that.

on credits: filming/release/tour dates should be kept the same as they are in real life, use the five year rule as a general guideline, don't claim an actor's entire career or only the greatest hits from similar actors, and don't whitewash or race-bend (the exception to this is in the case of poc claiming credits originated by white celebrities, which is permitted as long as it makes sense for the credit). claiming a musical artist means you're claiming their entire discography including past and future musical side projects (zayn and one direction, both halves of the civil wars' solo careers, etc), and models, athletes, and designers should have their claim's entire career. we prefer directors, producers, and writers use the entire claim of one person for the sake of consistency, but as long as dates don't conflict and the credits are cohesive, if you're interested in using additional projects from more small-time artists with similar aesthetics, that's fine as well - as with actors, though, we ask that you don't only combine the iconic projects of similar writers.

there won't be any official update requirements, but we'll do a check-in the last week of every month to get rid of any dead weight - if you want to stay, all you'll need to do is comment and let us know. in between monthly checks, we'll be doing intermittent removals of anyone who hasn't shown any signs of activity in two weeks and has a friends list that is two weeks or more out of date. because this prevents any legitimate dead weight from hanging around for more than a couple of weeks, we don't do overrides of pbs or of credits. should you ever need a hiatus, just let us know and we'll make sure you're not removed while you're gone. if you are removed twice for inactivity, we ask that you not reapply with that character.

although our intention in modding is to be as hands-off as possible, we encourage member-run group activities and are happy to help get things set up if you have an idea but need assistance getting it off the ground! we can't make you be friendly and interact with everyone but obviously you're encouraged to do so.

if you have any questions or suggestions you can leave them in our dropbox. if renowned sounds like a good fit for you we hope you'll join us and have fun!

last updated 8/15/2018