sometimes you might have a great idea for a character but realize after joining that they're not clicking the way you anticipated. in the interest of encouraging writers to go out on a limb and try character types they might not otherwise tackle, we hold off from updating credits until one week after the date a character is added to the gpsl. we think that gives you enough time to figure out if a character definitely isn't working for you before we add their credits to the directory, without causing a giant backup for potential new members looking for credits. if things aren't working out for whatever reason and you'd like to drop, we can't stress enough how much we'd appreciate it if you let us know in the member dropbox so we can keep everything up to date and avoid adding doa credits - it's not fun for us, and it's not helpful for anyone else. if we don't see any sign of you during the week after you've been added, we'll assume things didn't work out and remove the character.

please don't change or add credits while your character is in queue without making an official request here.